Astronomical Sketching Worshop and Presentation at the 2011 NCRAL Convention

Next Friday and Saturday – April 29 and 30 – I have the privilege of conducting a workshop and speaking on astronomical sketching at the 2011 NCRAL Annual Convention in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Details about the convention can be found here:

2011 NCRAL: The Amateur Strikes Back

The Astronomical Sketching Workshop will be held Friday night at 8:00 PM. Attendees will be supplied with sketching materials to follow along, step by step, as we cover three sketching processes in graphite: deep sky, planetary, and lunar. One projection screen will display the object while a second screen shows the process in action.

Then Saturday at 9:15 AM we have the keynote presentation discussing everything that’s great about astronomical sketching, the possibilities that observers can explore, the nuts and bolts of what an observer needs to get started, special considerations for different astronomical targets, and we’ll of course take a look at the wide range of media and processes that get an observer from distant photons to finished sketch.

I’m really looking forward to conducting these two sessions and meeting everyone who attends…hopefully I’ll get to see some of you there.

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  1. I’m thrilled you accepted to be our keynote speaker for our convention!! I’m looking forward to getting back into planetary sketching and learning some techniques to try my hand at lunar and deep sky.
    Are you going to bring any copies of your book with you? I would love to buy one! Hey! I’ll see ya tomorrow!:D

  2. Thank you very much for the workshop you conducted at the NCRAL convention. For me you have kindled an old passion I had of sketching the planets at the eyepiece. A number of club members were inspired as well. It was very instructive seeing the techniques you used to build up the image and very realistic how you portrayed the increase in details as observing time went on. Great Job!

  3. Kevin, I’m glad you and other club members enjoyed the workshop and that it was motivating. It was a pleasure to present at the convention. I hope the sky cooperates and you get some great views and sketches in the near future!

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