Astronomical Sketcher, Scott Mellish

A talented observer and astronomical sketcher passed away last week at the age of 46. Scott Mellish was a frequent contributor to the Astronomy Sketch of the Day. His work is stunning and wonderfully captures the rich, subtle beauty of the deep sky.

Scott’s inventive and skillful use of paint brushes, white and black charcoal and black paper to build images of delicate galaxies, nebulae and star clusters is carefully documented by Alexander Massey here: Sketching DSOs using the Mellish Technique. His technique is something I’ve had on my list of things to try for some time now, and I regret that I won’t be able share those efforts with him.

A collage of some of his amazing sketches can be found at ASOD: In Memory of Scott Mellish and Scott Mellish Sketch Gallery. His beautiful and inspiring contributions to our enjoyment of the universe will be sorely missed.

My deepest condolences to Scott’s friends and family.