Drawn to the Universe
NOV 2009 – Ptolemaeus and Surroundings

The Lunar crater, Ptolemaeus is the subject of the November 2009 Drawn to the Universe column. The focus is on creating a crater sketch along the rapidly changing terminator. In the tutorial, we use of 2H and HB pencils to shade the deep shadows and lighter surrounding terrain, while using vinyl and kneaded erasers to sculpt and touch up brighter areas.

Subject: Ptolemaeus and Surroundings
Issue: November 2009 Astronomy Now
Basic Media: Graphite on artist grade paper.
Suggested Materials:
  • White artist grade stock
  • HB and 2H graphite pencils
  • White vinyl eraser, putty rubber and erasing shield
  • Spray fixative such as Winsor and Newton’s Artist Fixative
  • Clipboard and portable book light
Sketch of Ptolemaeus and Surroundings

Sketch of Ptolemaeus and Surroundings

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