Barnard 142/143 (Barnard’s E)

Sketch of Barnard 142 and Barnard 143 (B142/B143 - Barnard's E)

Sketch of Barnard 142/143 (Barnard’s E)

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Observation Notes

Barnard’s E was a beautiful binocular sight amid the mist of stars in the Milky Way. In addition to the three arms and upper stem of the ‘E’, there were additional faint points and webbed extensions primarily to the east. Another long, slender thread ran westward from the southern arm.

I used a charcoal base across the whole field, and then vinyl and kneaded erasers to delete the shape of the nebula itself.

Sketch/DSS Photo Comparison of Barnard 142/Barnard 143 (B142/B143 - Barnard's E)

Sketch/DSS Photo Comparison of Barnard 142/143 (Barnard’s E)

Subject Barnard 142/Barnard 143 (Barnard’s E)
Classification Dark Nebula
Position* Aquila: [RA: 19:39:41 / Dec. +10:31:00]
Size* 45′ x 65′
Date/Time MAY 2, 2009 – 03:00 AM
(MAY 2, 2009 – 10:00 UT)
Observing Loc. Sunset Crater National Monument, Arizona
Instrument Oberwerk 15 x 70 Binoculars
Conditions Clear, calm
Seeing 5/10
Transparency Mag 7.0 NELM
*Sources Starry Night Pro Plus 5; DSS