Astronomy Sketch of the Day Launched

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of astronomical sketching. Which is why I’m excited to direct your attention to a new site that was launched last week. In the spirit of the Astronomy Picture of the Day, and the Lunar Photo of the Day, this new site is the Astronomy Sketch of the Day. Accomplished and prolific Lunar sketcher, Richard Handy is the driving force behind the site, and he has the enthusiasm to give it the momentum it needs.

I’ve been helping out on the technical side, working with Rich to iron out workflow and structural issues with the blogging software he is using. Over the next couple weeks, the site design should gravitate away from the glaring white background that hides subtle sketch details, the history calendar should become functional, and some other fine points should get honed. Hop on over and have a look. Be sure to submit your sketches if you’re so inclined. He’s going to need 365 of them to fill out the first year.

–wait…isn’t next year a leap year? Make that 366!

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