NGC 6905 – The Blue Flash Nebula

Sketch of NGC 6905 (The Blue Flash Nebula)

Sketch of NGC 6905 (The Blue Flash Nebula)
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Observation Notes:

NGC 6905 is bracketed by 3 11th and 12th magnitude stars and at low power simply seems to be a patch of unresolved starlight. Higher power drew it out, and it displayed a mild north-south elongation. Despite the common name, I was unable to see color in it at any magnification. The nebula was brighter across its eastern side and possessed a lumpy texture on the west side. These lumps appeared north-northwest of center, west-southwest of center, and toward the center itself. I did not observe a central star. It responded well to the Ultrablock filter which helped isolate it and increase contrast within its uneven disc.

Sketch/NOAO Photo Comparison of NGC 6905 (The Blue Flash Nebula)

Sketch/NOAO Photo Comparison of NGC 6905 (The Blue Flash Nebula)

Subject NGC 6905
Other Desig. NGC 6905; BWE 2020+1956; CSI+19-20201; GB6 B2020+1956; 87GB 202009.1+195631; GCRV 12720; GSC 01639-01907; HD 193949; Hen 2-466; IRAS 20201+1956; 2MASX J20222299+2006162; MITG J202222+2006; PK 61-9.1; PLX 4855.00; PLX 4855; PN G061.4-09.5; PN ARO 75; PN VV 257; PN VV’ 535; V* NT Del; WD 2020+199; [KW97] 46-1; Blue Flash Nebula
Classification Planetary Nebula
Position* Delphinus: [RA: 20 22 23.02 / Dec: 20 06 16.4]
Size 42″ x 35″
Brightness* 11.1 vMag; 11.9 bMag
Date/Time SEP 05, 2010, 11:00 PM MST
(SEP 06, 2010, 0600 UT)
Observing Loc. Home – Flagstaff, Arizona, USA
Instrument SkyQuest XT8 (8 inch f/5.9 Dobsonian)
Eyepieces/Mag. Pentax XW10+2X Barlow+Orion Ultrablock Filter
Conditions Partly cloudy, breezy
Seeing 5/10 Pickering
Transparency SQM 20.7
*Sources SIMBAD; NOAO; NGC/IC Project