ISS – SEP 26, 2009

The ISS made a brilliant pass over Flagstaff last night, culminating at 81 degrees. The kids came outside with their friends to watch while I contorted around the Dobsonian shooting photos with the Canon 300D. As before, pivoting around Dobson’s Hole and reacquiring the racing, coppery point of light was a ridiculous mess–I just about knocked the whole setup over this time. Out of 44 images, the space station showed up in 21. A selection of the least blurry frames are in the strip below.

Photo series of International Space Station (ISS)

Photo series of ISS Flyover

Click image to view larger version.

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  1. Thanks Ewan! These aren’t even a mere fraction of what Ralf Vandenberg does, but I’m still amazed that I can snag recognizable images of it from my front yard. Now if only there were a way to tether the base of the Dob solidly to the ground…

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