A Few of Google’s Favorite Words

You may have noticed I suddenly stopped sketching comet Lulin. I got jackhammered by some sort of cold/flu/fever/virus thing last week and have just had to imagine the comet dwindling away outside my front door. Probably for the best I guess. Lulin could have easily pulled a ‘comet Holmes’ on me and sent me into a sleepless realm of brain destruction. That’s bad stuff. I may catch Lulin one more time before it slips away.

In the meantime, I got Tagged® by Andrew Cooper at Darker View. I don’t usually play internet tag, but this was a good one. The idea is to find how many Google search term combinations lead to your weblog as the #1 result (your site name doesn’t count). I love vanity searching…probably enough that I should be embarrassed. Nevertheless, here are the Google search terms that turn this site into a prime floater:

General Stuff:

  • Jeremy Perez
  • stargazing glasses
  • northern arizona observing sites
  • Minotaur DARPAS
  • planning observing night
  • astronomy cinder hills
  • anderson mesa observing
  • sunset crater observing
  • orion astronomy art


  • well oiled rags piled up
  • keep yer eyes peeled for Andrew Cooper

Object Specific Stuff

  • 54 Leonis (other Flamsteed numbered doubles I’ve sketched work well)
  • Struve 747 (other Struve designations for doubles I’ve sketched work well)
  • ngc 1647
  • ngc 7062 (other NGC objects I’ve observed tend to hit near the top 10)
  • Barnard 34
  • Collinder 316
  • Hickson 70

Sketchy Stuff:

  • astronomical sketch
  • sketching the deep sky
  • ngc 663 sketch (works well for other NGC numbers I have sketched)
  • messier 3 sketch (works well for other Messier numbers I have sketched)
  • horsehead nebula sketch
  • Schiller crater sketch
  • observation sketch templates
  • observation record forms
  • sketch lighting
  • open cluster sketching
  • double star sketching
  • naked eye sketches
  • dso sketches

Belt of Venus comes in at #2.

And now, if I may tag a couple others with this little chain letter: Aaron, Ewan, and Robert. If you decide not to play, you will not suffer bad luck, the clouds will not close in, and your house plants will not wilt.

5 Replies to “A Few of Google’s Favorite Words”

  1. Sorry about the tagging, but I figured you would be a good sport. Nice to see where a website you spend so much effort on fits in the scheme of the web.

  2. Heheh, no apologies necessary, Andrew. These are the good chain letters 🙂
    It might be interesting to do the same thing for Google image results. For the last couple years, I’ve noticed that I get a couple dozen or more visitors a day hitting my Canis Major and Orion constellation sketches from Google image searches. Based on occasional comments (some of which I don’t post), it looks like most of those are disgruntled high-school students doing constellation reports. 😀
    They’re pretty rough sketches too–as much traffic as they get, I’ve been meaning to polish them up and beef up the information in the text details too. Maybe add a little something funny/entertaining for the school kids while I’m at it. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
    Still, I have noticed that the way Google sends visitors here has definitely affected the way I structure my posts (clear post titles, image labeling, alt tags, alternative object names, etc.) and I’m a lot more concerned about how I gather & cite any data I post. Taking the time to see how people are finding your site and which ones are hanging around is fascinating. I know in my case, it pushes me to do a better job–I’m sure it does the same for you. It’s a nice resonance. …now if only I’d post more regularly…

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