NGC 5873

Step 1

Move mouse over sketch to simulate sliding in the OIII filter.

Observation Notes:

I got my first look at this diminutive planetary nebula through Eric Graff’s 6″ f/6 reflector. He was using a filter slider with an OIII filter in one slot. By sliding the filter in and out, it was possible to see which “star” was actually the nebula. He let me borrow the filter and slider so I could make a sketch at my scope. The star at the center of the sketch (also noted by hash marks) is the planetary nebula. Moving your mouse over the sketch will simulate the blinking effect. It looked like the nebula may have exhibited some dimension, but the seeing wasn’t the greatest, so I couldn’t be sure.

Object Information

NGC 5873 was discovered by Ralph Copeland in 1883.

NGC 5873 is also catalogued as PK331+16.1, ESO 328-PN034

Subject NGC 5873
Classification Planetary Nebula (2)
Position* Lupus [RA: 15:12:50.73 / Dec: -38:07:32.9]
Size* .22′ (13″)
Brightness* 11.0 vMag / 13.3 bMag
Date/Time May 12, 2007 – 01:15 AM
(May 12, 2007 – 08:15 UT)
Observing Loc. Cinder Hills Overlook, Sunset Crater National Monument, AZ
Instrument Orion SVP 6LT Reflector (150 mm dia./1200 mm F/L)
Eyepieces/Mag. 32 mm + 2X Barlow + Filter Slider with OIII Filter (~75X)
Conditions Mostly clear, breezy
Seeing 4/10
Transparency ~ Mag 6.8 NELM
*Sources NGC/IC Project

*Based on published data.

2 Replies to “NGC 5873”

  1. Wohoo! You did it! That is an awesome animation, my friend; it captures the view just perfectly. I’ve been itching to get my scope out under the stars but other obligations and finicky weather have kept me away. *grumbles*
    Thanks for the update!
    P.S. “breezy”? Hah!

  2. Howdy Eric,
    Any excuse for a rollover graphic, eh? =)
    “other obligations” and “finicky weather” have been the name of the game over here too. I’ve decided to start making more observations outside my front door to help scratch the observing itch more often. Not that I’ll be searching for the tough little boogers you go after from my front yard…
    And yeah…maybe Fujita Category 3 would better describe conditions, but the winds by 1 AM were a smidge better than the Cat 5 gusts we had earlier in the evening =)

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