Sketch Gallery Added

Years ago, I was in a 4-H entomology group and I had this huge collection of insects in a large box under glass. They were all arranged by taxonomical order and size in rows and columns. It was a nice little piece of structure and fascination in my life. It even won a few ribbons at the state and county fairs! Poor little critters. They gave their lives for my curiosity and need for structure. Well anyway, I’m not euthanizing creepy crawlies anymore, but I am snuffing out million-year old photons on my squishy retinas, and a little order is in order for those dearly departed rays of light.
To that end, I’ve put together a sketch gallery now that I think I’ve got enough images to populate it decently. It even has rows and columns (!!). I also hung a link in the menu panel toward the top of the main page. The Messier, DSO, and Double Star galleries are arranged numerically. The lunar, solar system, and naked eye sketch galleries are arranged chronologically. My next step is an astro-photo gallery, but that will be pretty meager. Enjoy. Or not. The choice is yours. (Carpe Dium!)
whoah I’m tired.
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