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  1. Jeremy,
    I am EXTREMLY impressed with your work!!!
    I think I might have found what I’ve been looking for. Your drawings give me a better idea what these objects look like in a telescope and what to look for. Also your maps and mouse-overs are invaluable to aid in finding the objects.
    I really appreciate the hard work and detail that you put into your studies. What a wonderful website you have put together.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    Chuck Shields

  2. Hi Chuck!
    Thanks very much for your comments on my sketches and the site in general. You made my day! One of my aims in publishing them on the site is to show just what you were talking about–what you can ‘see’ through the eyepiece, and not what is portrayed in astrophotography (although I enjoy astrophotography for other reasons =). I’m glad you found the entries helpful.
    I hope you get some excellent time under the stars soon!

  3. Jeremy,
    Thanks for taking the time to post your sketches onto the internet. Your sketches have given me a greater insight into what I can expect to see through a 6″ Telescope or larger. What a great website, keep up the good work.
    Evan Morris

  4. My pleasure, Evan. When it comes to the extended deep sky objects you see in my sketches (like galaxies or nebulae) the ‘immediate’ view through the eyepiece may be very subtle in comparison. These objects definitely require a lot of patience and examination if you want to pick out as many details as possible. But the details you see in these sketches are definitely there to observe in at least six inches of aperture under dark skies. I hope you have a great time under the stars!

  5. These drawings really give you the sense of seeing the objects yourself – something that CCD’s and film fail to do. Good work!

  6. Jeremy,
    This is a fantastic website.There is a wealth of information here along with superb images and drawings.
    Frank McCabe

  7. Rich, Juha and Frank, thanks for the compliments. I hope to start adding more sketches as the weather warms up & clears up a bit.
    Juha, the Deepsky-Archive is an awesome resource. It makes me wish there were a similar sketch database out there for comets, planets, Lunar and Solar observations.

  8. Hi Jeremy, I had to bookmark you fantastic website. I’ve only started imaging, and know even less about sketching, but I am so impressed by your sketches I might even give it a try sometime. Please keep ’em coming!

  9. Nick, I’m glad you like the sketches. Thank you! I hope you get an opportunity to give sketching a try. I enjoy both imaging and sketching, but sketching is definitely my favorite. You can take it to whatever level you would like–from very rough sketches that simply help you see deeper with your own eyes, to carefully crafted illustrations that you can use to convey the eyepiece experience to others. It’s wide open, and very rewarding.
    I’ll try to keep those sketches coming!

  10. Thanks Jeremy. I have really enjoyed your sketches and web site. I have been attempting to draw the Messier Objects for our clubs Messier certificate. Most look like blobs. I can’t wait to put the great information on your site to use. Maybe my sketches will look better. I have ordered your book, can’t wait til it comes.

  11. Thank you, Lynn. I hope you enjoy the book and find it helpful.
    The great thing is that even if a sketch looks like a blob or scribble, its greatest value is in getting the most out of an observation. Beyond that, any refinement in your sketches’ appearance is icing on the cake. Let me know if there are any specific questions or challenges you run into.
    Wishing you success on the Messier observations, sketches and certificate,

  12. Saw your drawings in a recent Sky & Telescope email update. Great as usual!
    The best,

  13. you did relly good work it gives me relly good things of the stuff that is in the sky and the planets that are up there

  14. Tony Flanders referenced your work in his S&T on-line article on double stars.
    Glad to have found your web site.
    Your work is masterful-!
    A valuable resource-!
    Thank you-!

  15. Jeremy Many thanks for your Web site is very impressive.
    I enjoy making observational sketches like You!!
    I like very much your horsehead nebula sketch!! Did you use an special filter for light pollution on it?? Or is an special nebula filter??? Many thanks and congratullations!!! Clear Skies!! Gonzalo

  16. Thanks Gonzalo!
    With the Horsehead Nebula/IC 434, I got some benefit from an Orion Ultrablock filter. Once I detected it with that filter, I removed it and was able to re-acquire it without the filter.
    An H-Beta filter would certainly have worked better if I had one at the time.
    Thanks for the comment,

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