Non-Messier DSO Sketches

Updated DEC 14, 2008

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2 Replies to “Non-Messier DSO Sketches”

  1. Your sketches of double stars are amazing. What technique do you use to create them?

  2. Hi Marcos, thank you! My particular approach involves a hand drawn sketch at the eyepiece that I then scan and edit digitally to clean up, add color and represent magnitudes consistently. The techniques I use tend to evolve continually as I make more observations, but I’ve put together a tutorial and made a couple posts discussing them. Here are some links you may want to check:
    Double Star Sketching and Digitizing Tutorial
    Issues with sketching very close double stars
    Updated Technique for Addressing Double Star Magnitudes
    I hope those help. Let me know if there are any particular questions I can answer.
    Have fun,

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