Lunar Sketches

Sketches are listed in chronological order with the most recent first. Click the thumbnail title to go to the observation report. Click the image thumbnail to go to the full-size image.

Updated May 19, 2007

3 Replies to “Lunar Sketches”

  1. Hey Jeremy!
    Did you take a walk on the dark side with that beautiful Hippalus sketch? It looks like white Conte’ on black paper! I know you had mentioned doing one on CN but I guess you either never posted this one, or I missed it. Really nice drawing! Those two rilles and the broken wall of Hippalus casting long shadows are are great! How big is this sketch? Are you using Strathmore Textured paper?
    And the colored girls say “doop, doop…doop…doooooo”
    Rich =)

  2. hahah, you’re killing me Rich 😀
    Yes, indeed, I gave the white on black a try. I wasn’t very happy with it, for a couple reasons. First, it was my first go at it, and I felt pretty clumsy. No probs there. That stuff gets better with time. The second thing was I just did it too small. That sketch is probably 4″ x 4″. I really need to double that size to have room to move around.
    The sketch is on black Strathmore with white conte, using the techniques you discussed in your excellent tutorial.
    I’ve also done a black and white conte on gray paper, but haven’t scanned it in yet. That was…interesting. My main thing is to just go bigger and see what happens. Thanks very much for the comment!

  3. Wow Jeremy, the white Conte’ on black paper sketch you did of Vallis Schoteri is nothing short of a masterpiece! Every aspect is rendered with such attention to the details of form and albedo. The composition is extraordinary, the eye following the diagonals of the “rattlesnake tail” appearance of the Agricola mountains and circling about the bright forms of Aristarchus and Herodotus and the sinuous Schroteri Valley. I regard this as one of the finest lunar sketches ever produced with this medium!

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