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  • Observing Notes by Brian Skiff
    Observing lists are divided by constellation. Brian notes: “The files include the raw notes that Chris Luginbuhl and I made for our book starting about 1970, plus many follow-up remarks from the literature.” Many of the later observations were published in the Webb Society Quarterly Journal and ‘Deep Sky’ magazine articles.
  • Observing Notes by Tom Polakis
    While it’s not actually a weblog, this collection of over 3800 observing notes spans all 88 constellations and covers 2,349 unique objects. Tom is an expert observer whose observations cover over 400 nights over the course of 30 years under the night sky.
  • Space Jockey
    Amateur astronomy weblog by Ewan Bryce of Stenhousemuir, Scotland. Contains photography and a growing number of sketches.
  • Caffeinated Astronomy
    Weblog by Florida amateur astronomer Aaron Slack.
  • The Lowell Observatory Blog
    Regularly updated blog highlighting events and activities at Lowell Observatory.
  • Cosmic Voyage
    Observation notes, sketches and pointers by Bill Ferris
  • A Darker View
    Astronomy weblog by Andrew Cooper from Waimea, Hawaii. Features observing notes, sketches, photography and more.
  • Follow Orion – Space and Universe News, Commentary and Opinions
    Growing site of syndicated space and astronomy weblogs.
  • Notebook of a Comet Hunter Enjoyable astronomy weblog about Tim Harincar’s journeys through the night sky with additional info on the joys of comet hunting.
  • Top of the Lawn
    Weblog of amateur astronomy from Central Park by Peter Tagatac. Think observing in New York City would be a lost cause? Think again!
  • Deep Sky Blog
    Astronomy weblog by Rick Tiffini with focus on astrophotography, but many other interesting observations and links provided regularly.
  • Daniel Coe’s Astronomy Log
    Astronomy weblog by Daniel Coe, enthusiastic newcomer to the hobby of amateur astronomy. The site features observations, photography, equipment discussions, book reviews, news and more. The site looks like it should become rich in content very quickly.
  • NYC Nova Hunter
    More fine observing from NYC by Ben Cacace, discoverer of the Cheshire Cat asterism near M38 in Auriga. During astronomical dry spells, the site focuses on some very enjoyable bird observing.
  • Personal Logbook
    Observation reports and sketches by Denis Y
  • AstroNotas
    Spanish astronomy site by Juan Luís Martínez with a great observation section. Check the Católogo de Messier observations and the Cielo Profundo (Deep Sky) sections. Even if you don’t read Spanish, the sketches and data tables are excellent. This is what I would aspire for my observation pages to be–I’m not there yet 🙂
  • Observing the Sky
    Observation journal, sponsored by the NASA IDEA Project
  • Backyard Astronomy
    Observation journal by Math Heijen in the Netherlands
  • Finnish Deep Sky Amateurs
    Observation notes and sketches of many deep sky objects
  • Atalaia
    Portuguese observation reports with photography. Many observations are translated into English.
  • Astronomy-Page
    Website by Clement Combier. The link will take you to his article section.


Technical Information

  • Andy’s Shot Glass
    Tutorials on astrophotography and getting the most from an Orion Skyview Pro mount.

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Updated June 26, 2018

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  1. Nice site, Jeremy! Am still exploring it when I get the chance. I should be getting my mirror back anytime now, and I’d like to see if I can see the horsehead, myself. I think I saw it before with a 6″ homemade scope, but I’ve sold that one last year.
    Regards, and best to you,
    Mark Harry

  2. Hey!
    Great site! Would you like to exchange links? I’ve added you on my links page at

  3. Thanks for collecting these. I’ve been using a lot of these links for the past few days. I’m new to astronomy and it’s good to have so much in one place.

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