Introduction to Astronomical Sketching Video

I edited this video a couple months ago and finally got around to uploading. It features a step-by-step demo of M81/82 being sketched with graphite. This also seemed like a good way to demonstrate the use of a blending stump and kneaded eraser, since words and still images just don’t seem to be descriptive enough.

Click through and view in high definition for much better quality.

Also on YouTube if you prefer:

6 Replies to “Introduction to Astronomical Sketching Video”

  1. Jeremy, I often refer back to the book Astronomical Sketching for guidance and insight but it’s wonderful to see a video of a master at work!
    Thanks for the Tutorial.
    John E.

  2. As someone with NO experience drawing and a desire to learn how to sketch what I observe at the eyepiece I absolutely loved the video. It is quite amazing what can be learned by watching and listening to an expert.
    Well done!

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