Gamma Delphini (Struve 2727)

Sketch Refinement

Above is the cleaned up sketch that was submitted to Sky and Telescope for the September 2006 issue.

December 12, 2005 Observation

Observation Notes:

This was a beautiful yellow/white combo. The yellow star was the primary. PA appeared to be 280° with a separation about 9 diffraction rings apart, center-to-center (about 11.7″). The listed separation is 9.6″, so I was over by 2″.

Subject Double/Multiple Star: Gamma Delphini (STF 2727)
Classification Double Star
Position Aries [RA: 20:46:42 / Dec: +16:07]*
Separation* 9.6″
Magnitudes* 4.5, 5.5
Position Angle* 268°
Date/Time 09/12/05 – 11:35 PM
Observing Loc. Flagstaff, AZ – Home
Instrument Orion SVP 6LT Reflector (150 mm dia./1200 mm F/L)
Eyepieces/Mag. 10 mm + 2X Barlow (240X)
Conditions Clear, breezy, 55°F

Seeing 5/10
Transparency NELM Mag 4.8

*Based on published data.