Naked Eye Lunar Observation – August 22, 2005

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The nearly full moon at night is a bear to study naked-eye. There is so much flaring, it is hard to see details. As with my daylight observation on 6/16/05, Mare Tranquilitatis and Fecunditatis were the darkest features. Tycho’s white splot also became apparent after staring for a few seconds. Oceanus Procelarum didn’t look like a single entity. The western limb of the moon was hard to discern. I was able to make out the “Man in the Moon”, and “The Rabbit”. But the “Woman in the Moon” was a hard sell. I see the features that make her up, but it’s a stretch to me.

Subject Mare Imbrium, Mare Frigorus, Mare Serenitatis, Mare Crisium, Mare Tranquilitatis, Mare Fecunditatis, Mare Nectaris, Mare Vaporum, Mare Nubium, Mare Humorum, Lacus Somniorum, Sinus Medii, Tycho, Oceanus Procelarum
Classification Lunar Seas, Crater
Position Full Disc
Phase/Age 16.5 days old
Date/Time August 22, 2005 – 1:00 AM (August 22, 2005 – 8:00 UT)
Observing Loc. Flagstaff, AZ – Home
Instrument Naked Eye
Eyepieces/Mag. N/A
Conditions Partly Cloudy, calm