J. Herschel Crater

Observation Notes:

For this 2nd lunar sketch, I ran across this huge crater, J. Herschel, that seemed to straddle a ridge on the northwestern limb of the moon. The apparent ridge on the north edge of the crater, was actually a series of adjacent craters hidden in shadow called J. Herschel D, Anaximander, and Carpenter. The two nested crater on the south edge of the crater are Horrebow and Horrebow A. The floor of J. Herschel was pretty rough and showed a number of ridges and smaller craters.


Other than the fact that J. Herschel is 165 km wide, I couldn’t find much written about it at this point. Bummer.

Subject J. Herschel Crater
Classification Lunar Crater
Position Northwestern Limb
Size* dia. 165 km
Date/Time 10/24/04 – 10:30 PM
Observing Loc. Flagstaff, AZ – Home
Instrument Orion SVP 6LT Reflector (150 mm dia./1200 mm F/L)
Eyepieces/Mag. 10 mm + 2X Barlow (240X)
Seeing Unrecorded

* Based on published data.